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    In 1995, Allan Hilsinger earned a BBA from the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. After that, Hilsinger launched his business career immediately. After graduating from college, he opted to pursue an entrepreneurial career and subsequently founded many small enterprises. Over the subsequent years, Hilsinger proceeded to expand these firms.


    Allan Hilsinger utilized his entrepreneurial talents, strategies he learned in school, and extensive market research to continue expanding these firms. Soon after selling these tiny firms, Hilsinger resumed his entrepreneurial activities. After graduating from college, he spent a whole decade launching, developing, and finally selling the several small enterprises he founded.


    Allan Hilsinger fell prey to identity theft in 2009. This encounter profoundly disturbed him and made him realize that his personally identifiable information (PII) was not as safe as he had previously imagined. As a result, Hilsinger chose to address this issue, assist in preventing others from falling prey to identity theft as he did, and educate people on the significance of preserving PII. This was the primary motivation for Hilsinger's decision to begin establishing a second firm.


    Allan Hilsinger then developed a business plan and conducted significant market research to assess the identity theft prevention sector. After completing his analysis of the research findings, Hilsinger assembled a team of industry specialists. In 2011, he established Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions. Guard Well's aim is to provide every American home with inexpensive, effective, multi-layered identity theft protection.


    Allan Hilsinger has been a part of Guard Well since its inception in 2011. He is the current chief executive officer of Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions. This post has been held by Hilsinger since June of 2012.

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